1. Kidz Ministry
    Expect a Kids ministry that is full of life!
    Kidz Ministry
    That is alive!
  2. Life together.
    We know that life is intended to be enjoyed and we love enjoying it together.
    Life together.
    Real life.
  3. Community help.
    We believe in helping those who have fallen into difficult times in life.
    Community help.
    Clothing and Food.
  4. Worship
    We worship the One true God who has manifested Himself through God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
    God our Savior.
  5. Prayer
    We believe prayer is a part of everyday life - at work, at home, at play and at church.
    Is a part of life.
  6. Missions
    We believe in bringing hope to the world.
    Meeting needs around the world.
  7. Powerful messages
    Discover spiritual truth that brings true freedom in life.
    Powerful messages
    That change lives.